When To Eat Mango Before Or After Meal?

Mango…. 😋 While writing this word watering in my mouth.

Mango is called as king of fruits. Mango is a sweet, nutritious, and delicious fruit.

I love to eat a juicy mango and I am happy to share info about my favorite fruit. Mangoes are of many varieties and are also used to make many dishes.

Mango season is here and we may get some questions in our minds regarding When To Eat Mango Before Meal Or After Meal? Health benefits of eating mango, etc.

Are you a mango lover? Then ready to know more about mango and micro information about mango. When To Eat Mango Before Meal Or After Meal?

Mangoes are a rich source of nutrients. Mangoes will not only fulfill your tummy but also provide health benefits.

When To Eat Mango Before Meal Or After Meal?

You can eat mango in the middle of the meal.

Mango may increase digestive issues so, first, ensure that you don’t have any digestive problems and then only eat mango. Mango when eaten in the middle of the meal will be easily digested.

Mango also can be eaten at night but, sometime it may cause heartburn, burning chest, and diarrhea.

Never eat mangoes at this time

Before going to bed.

Mango contains more sugar and eating late at night or before bedtime it may increase your sugar levels of blood (BSL). Also may cause digestive issues. so, avoid eating mangoes at late night, before going to bed.

When to eat mango for weight loss?

At Breakfast or at Lunchtime. It is advised to eat mango at breakfast or at lunchtime.

Mango can be eaten at Breakfast or at lunchtime in the afternoon. Do not eat a mango before going to bed and after the meal.

Mango is rich in sugar. If consumed more it may increase your weight.

When to eat mango before or after meal

When should eat mango?

When to eat mango before or after meal

Mango can be eaten before it is ripe and tastes sour to a little sweet. Mango can be identified it is ripe or unripe by its color.

Unripe mango is usually green in color and as it ripens it may change its color to Orange, or Red. Color can be changed as per the variety or category of mango.

Ripen mango is can be eaten by just cutting it into pieces or by squeezing the juice. Juice can be drunk directly or can be eaten with wheat roti/ bread.

Can I eat mango on an empty stomach?

Yes, You can. It is good to eat mango on an empty stomach.

Mangos can provide us with instant energy by eating on an empty stomach.

Mango is alkaline in nature and contains sugar, As per a dietician eating fruit on an empty stomach is always good because fruits are alkaline in nature (except Lemon, grapefruit, limes, and orange).

Can mango be a first food?

When to eat mango before or after meal

Yes, mango can be the first food for your babies.

Pediatric doctors always advise having other food than mother milk after 6 months of age to the babies.

Ensure about digestive health of your baby first and then only can try to feed mango to the baby.

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What not to eat with mango?

  • Milk: Milk is not advised to eat or drink with mango. According to Ayurveda fruits can not be eaten with milk. Milk may change the properties of the fruit.
  • Curd: curd is not advised to eat with mango.
  • Bitter Gourd: don’t eat bitter Gourd with milk.
  • Spicy food: mango is not easy to digest so when mango is eaten with milk it may cause indigestion, heartburn, GERD, and diarrhea.
  • Water: It is not advised to drink water immediately after mango or any fruit.

What’s the best ways to eat mango?

Mango can be eaten based on its variety. Some mangoes are good for juice and some are not.

Unripe mango can be consumed with spicy food with meals. It is sour to taste and its taste is loved most. Ripe mango can be eaten by making its pieces.

Ripe mango juice: ripe mango is good for making juice.

How to make mango juice?

Take a ripe mango it feels soft and spongy, keep little pressure from all around the mango, more pressure can break the skin of the mango.

After little pressure, it will be filled like water in a balloon.

Then start squeezing the mango juice will come out. Now separate the mango skin and mango seed from the juice. Here are juice is ready.

You can also add cardamom powder, a little bit of saffron, and sugar as per the taste you like most.

When to eat mango before or after meal

Mango juice is also called aamram in India. In juice can add a teaspoon of ghee and that can be eaten with chapati. Ghee may reduce the glycemic index of juice/aamras.

How many mangoes should I eat a day?

Mango is the sweetest fruit it contains more fructose. So avoid mango juice of more than 280-300ml or 250-300 grams per day. It may increase your blood sugar levels.

Consumption with restrictions may help you to obtain the maximum nutritional benefit of mangoes. So quantity always keeps in mind while eating mango.

Is mango better than banana?

When to eat mango before or after meal

Mango and banana both are different in content. Mango contains Copper, vitamin a, and vitamin C many times more than banana.

Banna contains Potassium and magnesium which is present in small quantities in mango.

What are the five benefits of mango?

1. Rich in Nutrients: Mango contains Niacin, Potassium, magnesium, Vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin B2, and folate.
By eating mango we can fulfill our nutritional requirements.
2)Helps in fighting cancer: Mango contains antioxidant polyphenols that help to protect our cells from radical damage. Mango also contains other antioxidants fisetin, astragalin, gallic acid and quercetin.
3)Provide instant energy and strengthen immunity.
4)Mango leaves can regulate diabetes: mango is a low glycemic index so diabetics can eat mango in moderation.

5-6 mango leaves boil in water and kept overnight and consumed in the morning may help to regulate diabetes.
5)Eye health: Mango is good to eat for eye health as it contains vitamin A. It can also help with night blindness caused by vitamin A deficiency.

Is mango better than papaya?

Mango contains Retinol, Vitamin K, and folate while papaya contains more vitamin C than mango.
Mango is having fewer calories and papaya contains more.

Is mango good for Liver?

Yes, mango helps with liver-related complaints. Mango helps the liver in the secretion of bile and to remove toxins from the body.

Which vitamin is highest in mango?
Ascorbic Acid(Vitamin C). mango contains more vitamin C than other vitamins.

Vitamin C is most important for wound healing and for normal cellular functioning.
About 200ml of mango juice provides half of the daily needed vitamin C.

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Frequently asked questions

Can a Diabetic Eat Mango?

It is advised to eat mango very cautiously when you are having diabetes. Because mango is sweet and contains sugar. Can eat mango with fiber-rich food by which we can lower the glycemic index of mango.
Avoid mangoes in hyperglycemia. Moderation is the key.

When to eat mango before or after workout?

Mango can be eaten 30 minutes before the workout as an energy food. It helps to boost your energy by providing nutrients.

Does mango make you pee a lot

No. Mango does not pee a lot. click on the pee word to read more.

can you eat mango for breakfast

Yes, you can. Mango can eat for breakfast.

Should I eat mango everyday?

Yes, you can eat mangoes every day. It is good for your heart health and also helps in fighting against infection by boosting our immunity.

Disadvantages of eating raw mango

Raw mango is sour in taste. Eating raw mango may increase your existing cough. Raw mango helps in digestion but excess consumption may cause indigestion, diarrhea, or stomach pain.

Mango digestion time

Mango can be digested in 30-40 minutes.

Health benefits of eating raw mango

1. Raw mango is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E.
2. Raw mango help with digestive problems.
3. Raw mango helps to reduce cholesterol levels.
4. Improve blood circulation.
5. Eating raw mango can Prevent cardiovascular diseases.
6. Prevent dehydration by stopping excessive loss of sodium and iron from the blood.
7. Raw mango is less in calories which helps to keep the stomach full and burn extra fats and help in weight loss.


Mango is the king of fruit. It is a delicious and nutritious fruit. When To Eat Mango Before Meal Or After Meal? You can eat mango in the middle of the meal. If you are happy with the above-shared knowledge then share it with your friends and family.

Disclaimer: This When To Eat Mango Before Meal Meal Or After Meal? – blog content is all about generic information only. Diet may change as per your health and your medical conditions. If you are planning to add the above information to your diet then I would like to recommend you consult your dietician or medical professional.

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