When To Eat Eggs For Muscle Building

When To Eat Eggs For Muscle Building: You might have heard the quote “Be it Sunday or Monday, eats eggs every day.”

Eggs are Delicious and have a Rich source of Protein. Easily Available worldwide and inexpensive food. The taste of Egg white is flavorless and the egg yolk tastes creamy, Buttery, and smooth feel.

While Building muscles everyone tells the importance of eggs in their diet. Then the question may arise “When To Eat Eggs For Muscle building?”

We are here to discuss interesting facts about eggs, and when to eat eggs for muscle building.

Let’s start!

When To Eat Eggs For Muscle Building?

When To Eat Egg For Muscle Building

After Workout! Boiled Eggs with milk are a good choice to eat as a post-workout recovery snack.

Post-Workout Protein and Carbohydrates which are stored in the form of fat and glycogen inside the body, get utilized in heavy exercise to build muscle.

To muscle gain, bodybuilders need fat in their diet, at a time when energy requirement is more, And egg contains cholesterol which will not increase the cholesterol level in the blood.

Egg yolk contains cholesterol(fat) of up to 4 grams of which 1gm is saturated and 3 grams are unsaturated. which will help in muscle gain.

Egg yolk also has protein and other nutrients. protein is essential in building muscle.

When You Should Eat Eggs Pre-Workout?

When To Eat Eggs For Muscle Building

It is advised to eat eggs at least 2-3 hours prior to the workout. By eating boiled eggs, you will have a protein-rich, full of vitamins and essential amino acids consuming a meal with low calories.

It is always better to do exercise on empty stomach. The reason is when you are doing exercise your muscle will demand more blood to fulfill the need for oxygen.

If you are eaten then your stomach and intestine will get less blood to do normal functions, by which digestion of food may be difficult.

How Many Eggs Should I Eat A Day To Build Muscle?

You are exercising, for more than an hour every day, and you need at least 1.2-2 grams of protein, per kilogram, per day. The more you exercise more you are required.

Assume weight of 200 pounds, so would need 120-150 grams of protein per day.

So, you will be advised to build muscle and eat at least 3 times a day with 40 grams of protein in each meal. 40 grams equals 10-11 egg white in a meal.

When To Eat Eggs For Muscle Building

Eggs Contains

One medium size Egg Approx 44gm can provide us following nutrients:

Protein5.5 Grams
Calcium24.6 mg
Energy62.5 gm
Sodium189 mg
magnesium5.3 mg
Phosphorus86.7 mg
Cholesterol162 mg
Iron0.8 mg
Potassium60.3 mg
Selenium13.4 mcg
Zinc0.6 mg
Zeaxanthin & Lutein220 mcg
Eggs Also ContainVitamins A, B, E, and K

Should I eat eggs at night or morning?

Eggs are best to eat anytime. But in a few people eggs can cause gastric irritation after eating eggs at night before going to bed. Egg yolk contains fat and that may disturb our metabolism.

Study shows if Eating eggs at night can help in better sleep.

Best time to eat eggs for weight Loss?

When To Eat Eggs For Muscle Building

For weight loss, you can eat only the white part of an egg in the morning.

Eat Eggs in breakfast for weight loss. Eggs give us satiety and fullness in our stomach due to their protein content.

Protein can boost metabolism and helps in burning more fats. Eggs with healthy vegetables and fruits can be eaten for breakfast.

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5 Benefits of eating eggs

  • Eating Eggs is helpful in developing muscle. when to eat eggs for muscle building. Post Workout we can eat milk and boiled eggs as a breakfast meal. Eggs provide proteins that are helpful in the development of muscles and the repairing of tissues.
  • Eating Eggs is beneficial for Brain functioning. Eggs contain vitamins and minerals which are helpful in the functioning of the brain.
  • Eating Eggs is good for the Eyes. Lutein is also called an eye vitamin. Eggs yolk contain Luetin which is one of the carotenoids found in the human eyes. Lutein at as a filter of light, It protects the eyes from sunlight damage.
  • Eating Eggs helps in Weight loss management. Eggs provide us with protein and keep us fuller and reduce the urge to eat food.
  • Eating Eggs helps in energy production. Eggs have Vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals by which energy is produced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you gain muscle by eating eggs?

Regular Workouts and a Protein rich diet can be the best food for muscle gain.
Eggs are rich in protein and it will help in building muscle mass. Protein is much needed for repairing and growing muscles.

What are the negative effects of eating eggs?

a.In one study found that regular eating of eggs can increase the chances of heart disease and cancer.
b.Eggs don’t have fiber, so eating too many eggs can cause Problems in digestion.
c.Lack of carbohydrates will make you tired and fatigued.
d.In children Eggs is the most common allergy-causing food. After eating eggs child may face signs and symptoms like skin rash, vomiting, diarrhea, nasal congestion, or hives.
Allergic symptoms may appear a few minutes to a few hours after eating eggs or eggs-containing products.

How many eggs should an obese person eat?

If you are taking 4-5 eggs per week or one egg per day then nothing to worry about.
If your blood cholesterol (LDL) levels are high, you are obese, you are having Diabetes, or a history of heart disease in your family then you should not eat more than one egg a day.

What is the best way of eating eggs for Muscle Building?

Boiled Eggs or Poached eggs would be better to eat for muscle building.
All these methods are not added with extra oil and calories, so the meal will be low in calories and fat, this will be a healthy meal for muscle building and weight loss too.

What happens if I eat boiled eggs every morning?

A boiled egg is a source of good cholesterol. Especially the white part of an egg. HDL(High-Density-Lipoprotein) is called a good protein, a high level of HDL minimizes the risk of heart disease and other health-related problems.

How many boiled eggs before workout

Before 2 hours of workout can eat boiled eggs. An adult male can eat up to 8 boiled eggs.


This blog content is all about generic information only. Diet may change as per your health and your medical conditions. If you are planning to add the above information to your diet then I would like to recommend you consult your dietician or medical professional.

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