When to drink Bitter Gourd Juice? 

Everyone likes delicious food and veggies but a vegetable that tastes bitter is disliked most. 

“When To Drink Bitter Gourd Juice”

Bitter gourd is bitter and pungent in taste but worries not we are here to discuss bitter gourd recipes in this article that make bitter gourd less bitter.

When to drink Bitter Gourd Juice? 

when to drink bitter gourd juice

Bitter gourd is green in color before it is ripe, when it ripens turned its color yellow and also loosens its bitterness. Bitter gourd is available in large as well as in small sizes.

Externally it is having triangular ridges and warty. It is oblong in shape with a tapering end. 

Here we are discussing the most disliked vegetable juice “ Bitter gourd juice” Also called “Bitter Melon Juice”. 

Despite its taste bitter gourd is full of health benefits. 

Let’s discuss the topic “When To Drink Bitter Gourd Juice” and Its Health Benefits. 

Bitter gourd juice is advised early in the morning on an empty stomach for maintaining blood sugar levels, and For weight loss, you can take it after a workout.

Bitter gourd juice avoids at night as it may cause nausea. Bitter gourd juice may cause nausea because of its bitter taste so must drink sipped by sip slowly.

Bitter gourd juice helps to purify the blood and helps to remove harmful toxins from the body. Bitter gourd juice also helps in liver-related problems and digestive disorders.

Nutritional Values of bitter gourd :

15 gmprotein
70 mgphosphorus 
A, KVitamins
Also, ContainGlucoside
Also, ContainCarotin
Also, ContainSaponin
Also, ContainAlkaloids

What happens if we drink bitter juice every day?

If we consume bitter gourd juice every day we may become healthy, and Skin, hair, and Diabetes-related complaints get improved.

What are the best ways to consume bitter gourd? 

Biter gourd is very bitter to taste so there are 3 ways to take it 

  1. Bitter Gourd tea – 

How to make bitter gourd tea?

when to drink bitter gourd juice

Bitter Gourd tea – Recipe:

Take a fresh bitter gourd, wash it with water, cut it into slices, and remove seeds from it.

Take a pan and pour water into it and boil water on medium flame, then slices of bitter gourd without seeds put in boiling water and stir it for a few minutes to mix the ingredients of bitter gourd in the water.

After 10 min keep it down and with the help of a sieve separate the water and slices of bitter gourd.

Now mix honey to make it sweet. Here is our bitter gourd tea ready!


  1. Bitter Gourd Juice-

 How to make bitter gourd juice?

when to drink bitter gourd juice

Bitter Gourd Juice-Recipe: 

Take Fresh bitter gourd and cut them into small slices and remove the seeds from it.

took those slices in a mixie and grind it well, mixing some water in it.

After grinding, separate the juice and bitter gourd pieces.

Mix some salt for a taste you can add some lemon drops to improve the taste. You can also add jaggery or ginger in juice it’s optional.

Our bitter melon juice is now ready to take. 

  1. Bitter Melon Dish (Indian Style)-

How to make bitter gourd less bitter?

Recipe: In this dish, we are using some tamarind to diminish the bitter taste of bitter gourd.

Is bitter gourd good for fatty liver? 

Yes, it’s helpful in fatty liver. Read this to know more. Click here

When to drink Bitter Gourd Juice? 

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When to drink Bitter Gourd Juice for weight loss? 

Ayurveda on Bitter Gourd Juice Benefits

Bitter gourd is a tridoshik means which helps all 3 doshas as vata, pitta, and Kapha.

Can I drink raw bitter gourd juice?

yes ! you can drink raw bitter gourd juice. Bitter gourd juice is advised to take in small and in a sip-by-sip.

Does bitter gourd juice increase blood pressure?

The bitter gourd will help naturally lower blood pressure. It helps with stress and anxiety and can help to reduce ( LDL) cholesterol which may get beneficial in blood pressure-related complaints. 

What should be avoided with a bitter gourd?

You should not eat radish and bitter gourd together it may harm you. Exact 

Is bitter gourd juice harmful to the kidneys?

No. Bitter gourd juice is not harmful to the kidneys. Bitter gourd is less in potassium and sodium content. Bitter gourd is helpful in kidney-related disorders. 

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11 Benefits of bitter gourd 

  • Beneficial in infection and boost immunity: the leaves of a tree can be taken fresh in the morning, it boils in water, and drunk. It will boost immunity and it may decrease the symptoms of infection.
  • Beneficial in skin infection, dark circles, and pimples: if we drink the juice of bitter gourd with lemon juice early in the morning can reduce the complaints of acne and skin-related problems. Results may get in 15 days of continuous use.
  • Beneficial in Hemorrhoids: a half cup of bitter gourd juice and mix with 1 tsp sugar and drink on empty stomach in the morning then you will get benefits in pile.
  • Beneficial in Weight Loss: lemon juice and bitter gourd juice if taken together then it may help in weight loss.
  • Beneficial in arthritis: if we massage with bitter gourd juice on the joints it may give good results in arthritis.
  • It contains fiber so it will help with digestive disorders. also helps in constipation. It may help in worm infestation.
  • contain vitamin a: it will help with night blindness. you should drink bitter gourd juice or eat bitter gourd.
  • Beneficial in heart disease: decreasing cholesterol (LDL) will help in heart disease.
  • Beneficial in Diabetes: Bitter gourd acts well in a diabetic person where sugar levels are hard to maintain.
  • Anti Aging: Bitter gourd is having antioxidants so after consumption it may act as an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.
  • Anti-Cancer – Bitter gourd juice helps in cancer-related queries.

Side effects of bitter gourd

  • Bitter gourd can be taken in small quantities. If it is eaten or drunk more it may cause diarrhea and abdominal pain.
  • If you are having a high dosage of anti-diabetic medicines then you must consult your doctor before taking bitter gourd juice as it may lead to hypoglycemia.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we drink bitter gourd juice at night? 

Bitter gourd juice avoids to drink at night, it may cause nausea because of its bitter taste and it is emetic.

How many bitter gourds per day? 

Not more than 2 Bitter gourds a day. Excess eating may cause diarrhea and abdominal pain.

How much bitter gourd juice should I drink daily? 

If you are diabetic then you can drink the bitter gourd juice 30ml daily to maintain the blood sugar levels. 
If you are taking bitter gourd juice for weight loss then you should drink bitter gourd juice on an alternate day. 
If you are taking bitter gourd juice to boost immunity and health then you can take it once a week.

Is bitter gourd hot or cold for the body?

Bitter gourd is the perfect vegetable for summer because it contains potassium which has a diuretic effect so it reduces body heat. Avoid bitter gourd in winter it may become colder for your body.


When to drink Bitter Gourd Juice? Bitter gourd is having multiple health benefits. All the information is shared in the article. If you are happy with the information please share it with friends.

Disclaimer: This blog content is all about generic information only. Diet may change as per your health and your medical conditions. If you are planning to add the above information to your diet then I would like to recommend you consult your dietician or medical professional.

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