Diet Plan For Clear Glowing Skin(2023)

Skin health depends upon our day-to-day activities and our eating habits. Eating healthy food help to minimize Acne, Wrinkles, Skin infection, and other skin-related queries.

Diet For Clear Glowing Skin is the most important topic to be focused on. Eating well reflects through our skin. In other words, skin is a mirror of what we eat. Food can give us natural beauty if eaten well.

Stress is the major cause of skin complaints. For maintaining skin health must has to remove stress and eat the right food that is full of nutrients.

Eating healthy can give us health from the inside and can see on our faces too.

Lets us start the discussion on Diet For Clear Glowing Skin.

Diet For Clear Glowing Skin

Diet Plan For Clear Glowing Skin

7 Days Diet For Clear Glowing Skin

Weekly Diet For Clear Glowing Skin :

Pollution, Unhealthy food, stress, and hormonal imbalance may cause acne, pigmentation, and skin-related problems. So our diet plan should be planned accordingly. So in our diet, all the important things get covered by which we can avoid skin diseases and can help in clear glowing skin.

The diet plan is based on time. You have to be careful about the timing of breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Regular timing of eating can play an important role in skin, weight loss, and diabetes.

Diet Plan For Clear Glowing Skin

What to do for clear glowing skin

  • wake up early in the morning.
  • drink a glass of lukewarm water.
  • You can add aloe vera juice in the morning with lukewarm water.
  • walk for 4.5 km in 45 min at least five times a week(For Adults).
  • Do meditation for 20 minutes.
  • Eat fresh veggies and fruits.
  • Avoid oily and fried food.
  • Sleep at night for at least 8 hrs.
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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

What to avoid for glowing skin?

You should avoid drinking alcohol, caffeinated drink, salty food, sports drinks, oily, and sweets (high glycaemic index food).

What can I do for glowing skin?

1. Meditation And Exercise: Stress is one of the causative factors for skin diseases. for relief from stress meditation and exercise is a must.
2. Balanced Diet: Balanced diet is very important for maintaining the health of the body as well as for healthy skin too.
3. Drink Water: You should drink 5 liters of water a day.
4. Eat Green Leafy Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins. Green leafy vegetables are rich in nutrients that are necessary for skin glowing. Carrots, Beetroot, Fish, and Eggs are also good for the skin.
5. Fruits: Mango, Papaya, Avacado, Orange, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Apple.
6. Exposure to the sun: Exposure to the sun is important because it provides us with vitamin D3.

Which Vitamins Are Good For Skin?

1. Vitamin A: Vitamin A is found in Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Fruits, Meat, Poultry, and Dairy products. Vitamin A can be absorbed through the skin, and Vitamin A helps with wrinkles and acne by stimulating collagen production.
2. Vitamin C: Vitamin a is present in the skin which supports the stimulation of collagen synthesis and also protects against Damage to the skin by Ultraviolet rays. Vitamin C is present in Oranges, Lemon, Amla, etc.
Vitamin D: Skin absorbs vitamin D from sunlight. Vitamin D is very useful in the inhibition of proliferation, and regulation of the hair follicle cycle.
Vitamin E: Vitamin E act as an anti-inflammatory agent in the skin. Vitamin E is present in almonds, sunflower seeds, Peanuts, avocado, etc.


Diet For Clear glowing skin Include plenty of water during the day time. Best to avoid water while consuming meals. Avoid salt, sweets, and alcohol to maintain health. The diet should be a balanced diet. All the information is shared in the article. If you are happy with the information please share it with friends.


This blog content is all about generic information only. Diet may change as per your health and your medical conditions. If you are planning to add the above information to your diet then I would like to recommend you consult your dietician or medical professional.

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